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Appointment Scheduler Released
Sitephoria hosting customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of online scheduling with the release of Appointment Scheduler. The Appointment Scheduler lets site visitors conveniently book appointments online. Features of the application include:

* A WebsiteOS(TM) Management interface giving users the ability to easily manage every aspect of their Appointment Scheduler

* The ability to customize your appointment scheduler and tailor its appearance to include a personalized title, company information, booking and confirmation messages, as well as the color scheme of their choice

* The facility to specify appointment availability and ability to stipulate business hours with weekly display or drill down to specific days for variable times available for appointments

* The means to easily view and delete the appointments that have been scheduled and confirmed

* A main schedule calendar format page for ease of use by site visitors

* A booking page that permits users to complete an appointment reservation form, entering pertinent information, such as name, contact details and reason for appointment request

You can start using Appointment Scheduler by simply logging into WebsiteOS(TM), clicking on "Site Builders" and then "Appointment Scheduler".

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