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New and Enhanced Spam Filter
New and Enhanced Spam Filter 

The enhanced spam filter system has new features that you will benefit from, including:

* Improved spam recognition.

* The ability to "quarantine" and selectively restore email classed as spam through the advanced spam filter control panel, accessible through the EasyMail or Personal Mail application.

* The ability to "tag and deliver" email classified as spam. Email which is determined to be spam will have "**SPAM**" added to the subject line and will be delivered with all other email messages.

* The ability to automatically delete mail classified as spam.

* A "white list" of email addresses allowing certain email addresses and domains to bypass the spam filter.

* A "black list" of email addresses automatically rejected by the spam filter from specified addresses or domains.

Users currently making use of the spam filter can activate the new settings simply by performing the following steps:

1. Log into the EasyMail or Personal Mail application
2. Select the email address that requires Spam Filter 2.0 activation
3. Deselect "Enable Spam Filtering" and click "Apply"
4. Select "Enable Spam Filtering" and click "Apply"

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