We all know that the cost of finding a new employee can be unreasonable. In fact, companies that can only afford minimal recruitment tactics are likely to end up at a competitive disadvantage.

SHRM 2000 - Average cost-per-hire
Contingent Recruiter $37,830
Campus $3,765
Other $2,601
Job Fairs $2,031
Newspaper $1,415
Internet $666

*Source: SHRM/Employment
Management Association (EMA)

SHRM has conducted a study that shows using the Internet as a tool for finding new employees is extremely cost effective. We have created a web-based application to allow you to leverage that fact.

JOBline is an easy to use tool that enables virtually anyone within your company to add, edit, update, and delete career opportunities online. This application can run on your existing website and can easily be integrated into your existing design.

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